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1. About the Business (B2B) Seller Program
Q. What is the Business (B2B) Seller Program? Business (B2B) is a new launch on the marketplace to serve the needs of Business Customers. Sellers can expand their B2B sales on with exclusive ways to target Business Customers. Verified Business Customers benefit from business-tailored features such as Business Price, Quantity Discounts, Business compliant Invoices and Business Only Offers.
Q. Who is an Verified Business Customer? Verified Business Customer is a customer who has completed the business account registration process, provided valid business license details and has been verified by based on publicly available data.
Q. What are the main differences between the Business (B2B) Seller Program and Selling on (B2C)?
The Business (B2B) Seller Program allows sellers to cater to the specific requirements of Business Customers by providing exclusive features optimized for business-to-business transactions.
Q. Who is eligible to join the Business (B2B) Seller Program?
All existing Sellers on are eligible to join the Business (B2B) Seller Program, provided they have the corporate authorizations and licensing capability to sell to Business customers. Business Invoice badge will be enabled only for B2B offers so that Business Customers can choose to buy only those offers where they can get Business Invoice.
  • Top Categories:

    Industrial Supply , Medical Pasal , Hardware Pasal

  • Top Brand:

    Pipes & Fittings , Sanitary Ware , Hardware & Fixtures , Paint & Materials

  • About Onlinevandy: [(B2B)2C] facilitates buying and selling  in Nepal with smooth logistic, working capital loans and Warehousing, enabling retailers and businesses to source products directly from manufacturers, brands, white labels, importers on a single platform by eliminating tradition wholesalers and distributors. Parallely we offer opportunity for end consumer to shop  from the same platform.  

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